Video Transcript

RYAN WASHINGTON: I think by starting with the leaders in the class, by them setting a good example and saying ,"Hey, if I start this maybe other will follow in the positive direction, in the right direction," it definitely works.  Because when you have the negative ones starting the negative attitudes and doing negative things, you're going to have others who join in.  So I think diverting that and turning it into a positive will definitely help.  Not being a bystander but being an up-stander, and not going to Superman lengths.  But, you know, showing that you actually care, showing that you're not giving in to what's going on, in this case bullying.  Making it clear that although you're not going to be this big shiny Superman, you're also going to send this message that "I don't like what's going on, and essentially I'm going to extend my help." In little ways.  By showing victims comfort.  By just making it clear that you're not going to be involved. Join your local support group.  Schools especially are in need of that.  Clubs that victims, if you're a victim of bullying, you can cling to, you can go to show your support.  And people who aren't being bullied, you can go as well to show your support and to show that you care about these people who are in these types of situations.  And you really want change.