Video Transcript

MICHELLE PEVERLEY: A trusted adult could be someone on the varsity lacrosse team or your coach or your art teacher or your youth group leader or someone who... even a best friend's older brother or sister.  Someone that you see on a daily basis or something like that.  My trusted adult, she gave me... she talked to me about the situation and was emotional about it, or sentimental, I don't know if that's the right word.  But she kind of leveled with me.  And then went past the "being sorry for you" point, and said, "Ok, here's some proactive tips," and said, you know, "This is what you need to do.  This is how you can help and make sure that even if, no matter what, don't ever stoop down to that level." Gave me incredible advice to go on through the daily life because it is hard to go to a trusted adult and just tell them.  And then after you're kind of like, oh now what do I do.  So she definitely gave me the advice and the help that I needed.  So I would recommend finding someone that you could trust.